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Default conditions Tarentaise

"Bill Seddon" wrote in message
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| "PG" wrote in message
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| | Is it possible they are saving stuff for the busier weeks?
| know the snow
| | is pretty thin, but even when a perfect cover I've skied
| time of year
| | and only a few lifts were open in Tignes due to the number
| people there.
| | Still plenty skiing though. Is anyone out there actually
| skiing at the
| | moment? It can't be all that bad. Where would you
| in Tarentaise.
| |
| | the ever optimistic snow forecast dot com has some down for
| Sunday, and
| | Meteo France has some for Saturday, so it may be ok for
when I
| get the skis
| | on on monday.
| |
| As David says elsewhere it was reasonably ok (comparatively
| speaking) above 2200 in Courchevel over last weekend, but
| in Val Thorens even at 3200.. Further up the Tarentaise La
| is better then Les Arcs, Tignes is skiable, but it's going to
| pretty crowded whereever you go this time next week. Season
| holders are still banned from skiing Les Arcs for the time
| Where are you heading?
| Stopping in La Tania, but will have car. Kids booked into Ski
School all
| week, so it limits us a bit. Might get out for an afternoon
trip if it's
| needed.
| Just hoping the snow arrives over the weekend and the lack of
snow puts
| everyone else off going :-)

Reckon you might as well stay put, unless things change radically
conditions in Courchevel are as 'good' as anywhere! Will update
conditions on Fri/Sat but full sun forecast until then anyway, so
they won't alter much.... And the likes of Tignes is a long drive
from 3V for just an afternoon...