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From - a summary translated by myself.

"Snowboarder in Italien nach Zusammenstoss mit Skifahrer

BELLUNO - A 38 year-old snowboarder died after a collision with
a skier in the Dolomites. The skier left the injured snowboarder
lying in the snow without offering any assistance. The
snowboarder was rammed by the skier who was travelling at a very
high speed.

I suffered a few near misses from people on the edge of control
throughout the Sella Ronda this Xmas - the chances are slim, but
let's hope the culprit comes forward or is identified.

Maybe there will be more info in the Italian press / websites.

They pretty much say the same, although it appears that there is a
good description of the offender.

I can't believe someone wouldn't stop in those circumstances. They
might have been able to help. At least call for assistance. I hope
they find him.

Yep - at the end of the day, any one of us could be a victim of
something like this.

Would a helmet have helped? Who knows, but if it was a high speed
collision, along the lines of a racing skier hitting a stationary
boarder, it may not have made any difference. The Italians have got a
raft of new laws that affect this sort of incident now, which include
the criminal offence (along the lines of the well-established French
law) of "non-assistance to a person in danger"). Still the maximum
penalties are fines of 1000 euros, if I read the Italian press right.
Hit and runs like this should be punishable by minimum prison terms,
if the skier really was responsible.

You're absolutely right about not knowing the circumstances of the accident
and whether a helmet would have helped - all we know for sure is that the
low life didn't stop to assist.