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Ace wrote:
On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:00:40 +0100, "Simon Brown"

From - a summary translated by myself.

"Snowboarder in Italien nach Zusammenstoss mit Skifahrer gestorben"

BELLUNO - A 38 year-old snowboarder died after a collision with a
skier in the Dolomites. The skier left the injured snowboarder lying
in the snow without offering any assistance. The snowboarder was
rammed by the skier who was travelling at a very high speed.

I find this a bit like the fairly frequent "biker down" threads on
ukrm. I mean, was it anybody I know, or you know? If not, what's the
big deal? I mean, it's not _that_ unusual an occurence.

The day a death on the slopes is treated as 'not a big deal' is the day I
think I'll hang up my boots.....