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| From - a summary translated by myself.
| "Snowboarder in Italien nach Zusammenstoss mit Skifahrer
| gestorben"
| BELLUNO - A 38 year-old snowboarder died after a collision with
| skier in the Dolomites. The skier left the injured snowboarder
| lying in the snow without offering any assistance. The
| snowboarder was rammed by the skier who was travelling at a very
| high speed.
| I suffered a few near misses from people on the edge of control
| throughout the Sella Ronda this Xmas - the chances are slim, but
| let's hope the culprit comes forward or is identified.
| Maybe there will be more info in the Italian press / websites.
| They pretty much say the same, although it appears that there is a
| good description of the offender.
| I can't believe someone wouldn't stop in those circumstances. They
| might have been able to help. At least call for assistance. I hope
| they find him.
| Yep - at the end of the day, any one of us could be a victim of
| like this.

Would a helmet have helped? Who knows, but if it was a high speed
collision, along the lines of a racing skier hitting a stationary
boarder, it may not have made any difference. The Italians have got a
raft of new laws that affect this sort of incident now, which include
the criminal offence (along the lines of the well-established French
law) of "non-assistance to a person in danger"). Still the maximum
penalties are fines of 1000 euros, if I read the Italian press right.
Hit and runs like this should be punishable by minimum prison terms, if
the skier really was responsible.