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John Rogers
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Yeah, "Mike M. Miskulin" , well... that's just
like... your opinion man.

John Rogers wrote in

So you seem to think it's a bad thing to do our best to save our
country's brave Fighting Soldiers from fraud and/or disease? Why do
you hate America?

Norman, OK

Ha you are rich bro. Sounds like you were doing your best
to save a few ho's along the way.

Sluts are people too, ASS.

And dude just cause somebody disagrees with you or thinks
you are a jackass doesn't mean they hate America.

It does if they are a commie.

John Rogers
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"Subordination is the natural order: there is subordination in Heaven -
Thrones and Dominions take precendence over Powers and Principalities,
Archangels and ordinary foremast angels; and so it is in the Navy. You
have come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother."

(Captain Jack Aubrey, R.N. "The Ionian Mission)