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Default One dead in avalanche in Val D'Isere

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Gentleman writes
JP wrote:

A British skier has been killed in the French Alps after being swept away by
an avalanche.

Jonathan Smout, 34, was skiing off-piste at the popular winter resort of Val
D'Isere when the accident happened.

Can I have his lift pass?

You sick *******! I like your style. ;o) I suppose we all have to have a
mechanism to deal with danger or first hand experience of things that
are potentially devastating. Humour is probably the best. The sick jokes
that came out of the Lockerbie and foot and mouth incidents (attended by
several of my friends) were shocking but extremely funny. Just don't get
too blasť, respect the mountain. I'm sure a dude such as yourself didn't
require any reminding anyway. Break a leg as they say.
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