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GT April 13th 04 12:15 AM

Tremblant lift tickets
BS. I was at Tremblant all weekend and the lift lines were not bad at all.
In fact, I would describe them as short. The only chair not running is the
Edge. Ski conditions were excellent, especially in the morning on the
freshly groomed runs.

"bain" wrote in message
. ..
I am not cheap, I am just telling it like it is. (I have season passes)
Condition's are average right now.
For the same money I would go down to Jay Peak conditions are the best

"Ryan B." wrote in message
I am selling them for what I paid...and Tremblant is still selling them

62 a pop. Sorry if you're cheap by nature, but I think a 30% discount

their rate is pretty fair. Guess you've had some bad days there to be

bitter...learn how to ski the mountain to avoid lines maybe?

"bain" wrote in message
.. .
Over priced mountain is down to 50 runs.
going to be long wait in lift lines this weekend.

25 - 30 each is a good price.

"Ryan B." wrote in message
.. .
8 SkiMax ticket vouchers for sale, got injured so I can't finish the
as hoped. :( On-hill price still $62.50, will sell for $44 each or

the lot. More than enough snow still up there for awesome spring

Easter and beyond.

You can reach me at: fightforyourmind at hotmail dot com, or

Cheers, and happy trails...


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